Tracy is a licensed nutritionist in WA State with a master’s in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. Functional Medicine is an approach that sees the body as an ecosystem with all branches interrelated, much like a naturopathic approach. 

Unlike our current medical system that separates the body into sections, with each doctor specializing in only one section, a functional approach treats those separate sections as one complete system. Makes sense, right? Your blood goes to all of your organs. Not just the heart, or the GI, or the brain. So of course, anything in your bloodstream could potentially cause damage in any of your cells. This is why diet is key to overall health. That same blood stream can deliver healing trace nutrients we have yet to discover. I believe it’s those ‘yet to be discovered’ nutrients that matter most.

Many of the supplements added to processed foods today were only discovered in the past 50 years. Compare that to thousands of years of human evolution. It’s hard to believe industry can synthesize and supplement every potential benefit of whole foods into a food product. It’s time we take back our health by understanding the full power of whole foods.

My mission is to teach people how whole foods can improve their health. I started my personal healing journey 20 years ago at the age of 38. Now, at 58 I feel better than I did in my 30’s. Disease reversal is possible.

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